Thursday, April 23, 2009

Farewell to Geocities, Yahoo is Pulling the Plug

I don't know if anyone else used to use Geocities or has heard of it... but it was basically THE place to host your free website 10-15 years ago. Yahoo bought them some time after they weren't very relevant anymore and lamely tried to make money on it. Maybe they did, I don't know, but I think yahoo makes everything it touches cheap and stupid.

Anyway, now Yahoo has decided to take everything Geocities offline... permanantly. Which means deleting all the tons of antique webpages (and some still relevant ones I'm assuming). Isn't there some sort of Internet Historical Preservation Society that should petition to SAVE THE GEOCITIES or something? Yes, we can still go search through the Way Back Machine and look at our old stuff... if we can remember the addresses...

Anyway, I stumbled across this today and realized that my very first website (pieces of which are still up) is headed for an untimely death. It's not obnoxious enough that we have to scurry around trying to archive all our ancient data, but Yahoo decided it would like to impose a bandwidth limit on everything having to do with geocities... so basically you can only look at about 20 of your pages before it shuts off... FOR THE DAY. Seriously, you guys are morons, it's 2009, GET A CLUE.

So, I only saved about half my stuff and hopefully I will be able to access the rest later. I was just a KID when I made these silly pages almost 15 years ago... I had an entire section devoted to my 'virtual pets' including fairies and mermaids and sheep... and they were all animated. Man, those were the days. Playing make-believe with Barbie dolls and then creating flowery websites with running hampster gifs all over it. Oh what, not everyone did that? :)

So umm.... I just had to share some of my old virtual pets! Instead of posting cake pictures which might actually be of interest to someone. Nostalgia must be indulged.



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