Saturday, February 2, 2008

Arin's first haircut

This morning Arin got his first haircut. He is a few days short of 6 months old, but his hair was everywhere! In his eyes, over his ears, and forming little rats nests in the back... so it was time for a trim. He was born with dark hair like mommy, but it has since grown in blond... so now that its short you can really see a difference. I think he looks older (and definitely blond), aww! I am also not the best hairdresser, but hopefully in a few days it will grow in and look a little more even. It's hard to cut a wiggly baby's hair (oh well, it'll grow back)! :) Here are a bunch of pictures from the big event:

Look how long that hair is! Shaggy. :)

And a view down the top, look at that hair!
Uh oh, here's the very first snip!
'What are you doing to me mommy!?'

This is how he amused himself during the first half of the cut:

At the end of the cut, this was a bunch that I have saved:
'Why can I feel such a cool breeze on my head mommy?'

'Do I look handsome?'
'Where'd all my hair go??'

Why joo takin' so many pictures?
Guess he's happy with the change...

'Am I so handsome or what?'
Doing a George Dubbya look:

Now it's time to go eat some lunch!

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