Saturday, August 28, 2010

Night Monkey

I never have enough fruit around the house.  This kid loves bananas, they never last more than two days!

Tired Little Farmboy

Congrats Dad!

My dad won the Keene Photoshop PhotoWalk contest this year!  Congratulations, and everyone take a look at the winning photo.  It turns out that the person who won the entire PhotoWalk contest (worldwide) also had a reflection/windows picture, pretty neat huh?

Warp Drive

Washer Boy

Arin has always been obsessed with the kitchen sink, he absolutely loves to 'wash' dishes.  I feel like this picture could have been from last year, instead of the beginning of this summer.  It looks like he hasn't changed one bit, even though I know he's gotten bigger.  I can pretend though!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunship Setting

This was the gorgeous sunset we had when coming home from Long Island during our weekend adventure in July.  The boat rides were really fun (and exhausting) because Bobo was having a blast.  We distracted him for a while by taking silly pictures.  I love how these came out because you can see the deep red glow from the sunset.  Such a perfect evening!

I'm on a Boat!

Bobo had a great time on the ferry boat down to Long Island in July.  It was really hot the whole weekend, except when we were on the boat.  I was freezing since I forgot a sweater, but luckily I remembered to bring a hoodie for Bobo, one that Julie bought him in England.  I love all his teeth (anyone seen that commercial?).


Then and Now... Sunsets

Here's a picture of my dad with the second cutest little muchkin ever... yup it's me!  I think I was two here.  And below, twentysomething years later is me with the cutest munchkin ever... my Bobo, who is almost three here!  I could adjust the colors to look the same, but you get the idea.  Full circle.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


These are passport photos.  They were REJECTED because they were no where near the correct size necessary to obtain a legal United States of America Passport.  But, I still liked them so I took a picture before going back to get ones of an appropriate and acceptable format.  So, long story short - soon (hopefully) we will have our passports in hand and Bobo will be introduced to the wonderful world of international travel!

Now where to first...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waiting at the Fair

Yesterday there was a Circus in town.  I wanted to take Bobo to see the acrobats, but my idea was vetoed.  There were no 'animal' acts listed, so I agreed that Bobo might not make it through it, or worse, might try to jump into the ring like he kept asking!  The "midway" was open before the show though, so we went there, lured by the pony ride.

Sadly, the pony ride did not translate into reality.  We bought the ticket, stood in line and then as soon as it was Bobo's turn to get in the saddle... no way.  There was a giant slide next to the ponies, and that's all he wanted anything to do with.  Oh well, at least we got to LOOK at the ponies.  Here he is with his 'golden ticket' to go on the object of his desire... the slide.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ferry Boat to Long Island

Just got home from Long Island after a long but exciting weekend.  Bobo got to hang out with his great-grandparents, Zsa Zsa and Gramps, at Paradise Point as well as visit the family homestead, Howell Holme where Grampy and Kathy were staying.  We  soaked up some sun and waves on the beach at Founder's Landing where we also got to go for a great Lobster Fest for Saturday dinner.  The round trip ferry boat rides were a great hit, and so was playing with Rocky, the one-eyed kitty.  We rounded off the weekend with lots of delicious food, shopping at the Tanger Outlets, and plenty of playing and didn't get home tonight until a few hours into Bobo's beauty sleep.  Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend as well!

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