Friday, February 27, 2009

Ride Along

Arin got this ride-on truck for his first birthday. It was too noisy and intimidating and big though, so he never really approached it. However, after sneaking out onto the porch recently he rediscovered it, and now, six month later, he thinks it's great. Thanks Carl!

Lego Box

Last night I was cooking in the kitchen and Arin decided to join me, but doing his own thing.

Notice he's somehow missing a sock again...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Colbert and Vikings

Well, if you know me you know I love Vikings. And Steven Colbert. Combine the two? BEST EVER. Colbert was at his best tonight. Well, I am hopped up on cold meds waiting for my Benadryl to kick in, but eating chicken off a sword is a surefire way into my heart.

Ok here's the link where you can watch it, it has an ad at the beginning (oh, the Gaul!) so I didn't want to embed it. Tide isn't paying ME any money, after all:

The Swede Hereafter


I am sick currently, which means that my whole world stops for a little while. I am not one of those people who handle being sick with grace. I whimper and shiver and sniffle obtrusively and sneeze all over. If I'm sick everyone knows it and I want pity.

I can accept this, I know I'm no Jane Austen heroine.

They are demure and modest and yet very delicate in that they are often contracting random illnesses they they accept quietly and without fuss. They just lie about in bed, graciously receiving visitors and eating toast.

I eat toast and complain about wanting to vomit and how snot shoots out of my tear duct when I blow my nose. No lie, it's wicked gross.

But, while I'm talking about Jane Austen, I would like to add a new blog to my list on the side. It's lovely and fantastic and indulges my epic love for all things English and polite and romantic. I've been finding a lot of great historical blogs recently but this one is good even if you aren't hardcore, check it out:

Also, it has tons of info and links to other nifty historical-ish things that are 'excessively diverting' to explore (that's a web award by the way, which this blog has won).

So, I'm going to sit here too sick to read all this socially delicious goodness, and dream of a time when it's spring and I'm well and I can devote hours to reading historical romantic fiction. Perfect.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yummy Song

Ok, now that I know how to embed youtube videos here y'all are in trouble. Yeah, that's right.

So I really like this song, and forgot about it until I happened to hear it on the radio Thursday night as I was running late for class. The scene: a cold winter night in the dark heart of Lowell with me in a giant SUV driving around the enclosed parking lots of UMASS's administrative buildings, desperately searching for a phantom opening. And of course, getting later and later by the second. I already knew I would have to walk in while my instructor was talking, and I get enough attention from him as it is. Also, there are more people in our class than workstations, so the last people there (usually those caught in traffic) are the ones who have to embarrassingly double up with other people and sit in the aisle. So, you could say at this point I was stressin'. Then this song came on the radio, and all my cares just melted into dust.

Instantly I was transported back to sophmore year of college, listening to John Mayer on the radio as I and three other UNH ladies made an adventurous car trek all the way up to Montreal for a fantastic girl's weekend. I know, Matt Nathanson is NOT John Mayer, mostly because I don't much like the latter, though that song, you know, the one about being in BED... that's a damn sexy song. But not like, dirty porno sexy, you know? So is this song, which is why I'm reminded of those carefree days of my wild youth. So yeah, SEXY YUMMY SONG:

I put up the lyric video instead of his actual video because a.) the sound quality was better and b.) he does some weird wiggly dancing in his video that just FREAKS me out. Sorry.

Also, interestingly, the radio informed me that Mr. Nathanson is actually from Massachusetts! Lexington, to be specific, and according to the announcer the only good thing to come out of the city besides the Minutemen. A joke about pickup lines ensued. Anyway, just thought I'd share my unexpected happy moment from last week.

Last Holiday

Last Holiday - I love this movie, I LOVE it. It just came on tv again tonight and that makes me so happy. If you are a female then go out and watch this movie, it is fun, uplifting, sweet, funny and how can you not love Queen Latifah?

So its cheesy and the plot line isn't deep and literary, but it's entertaining and just makes me want to go out and live life. Do something exciting, get out of the house, you know. It's elevating.

Not to mention I adore 'travel' movies, ones that are like taking a mini-vacation in your living room. Without the packing and plane fare. Anyway, just trust me, you'll like this go watch it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Duct Tape

Well, the day has finally come...

Yes, I went THERE. I accidentally ripped the tab off Arin's Pampers, which pretty much hasn't happened since he was 3 days old (at which time I just threw away the offending diaper, since I changed about 15 a day anyway). This time though, I decided to bring out the duct tape as I had read in many 'baby advice' articles back when I was still pregnant.

No need to waste a good diaper, right? Especially since I had to change FOUR poopie diapers so far today. Uck.

Life's a Treat with Shaun the Sheep

Julie and/or Lauren, I'm not exactly sure who is responsible, got Arin into Shaun the Sheep. Well, the theme song to it. He LOVES to watch it on YouTube over and over! It's alright to hear once or twice, the lyrics aren't bad but after the third time you kind of want to strangle Shaun the Sheep.

And here is the X-Factor version that he originally got hooked on, its a spin off of the UK's American Idol auditions I guess.

You can't compete with Shaun the Sheep!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Firstborn Son

Today it occurred to me...

Arin is the firstborn son of a firstborn son and a firstborn daughter.

Doesn't that sound like the start of a great prophecy?

Here's the little son of prophecy during his very first nap.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chocolate Ninja

I don't know how this keeps happening... my Bobosaur is a NINJA. A chocolate ninja.

I was in the kitchen washing dishes earlier, and when I finished I realized Arin hadn't eaten anything (he wasn't hungry for breakfast), and I felt like a bad mommy so I grabbed a nutri-grain bar figuring at least he would have something in his stomach.

I walk into the living room to give him the tasty snack and was shocked to discover that my sweet boy, who had been playing so nice and quietly so I could clean up, had somehow snuck into the kitchen (the gate had been up all weekend to prevent him from getting Valentine's treats), grabbed a big box of turtle chocolates and snuck back into the living room stealthily, where he helped himself to a chocolate coma!

He just looked up at me with this glazed-over expression, and held up his hand for me to clean off! He was literally drunk off chocolate. You can see it in his face here, he was just laid out, barely able to suck the chocolate off his fingers. I think he only had one, but I guess they are strong... Oh, and of course he had spit out all the nuts all over himself and the floor. They get in the way of chocolate, you know.

So much for the Nutri-grain bar.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Superbowl Day

Arin had a nice little football shirt for the Superbowl, not that he watched much of it, he was busy making messes.

Valentine's Oreo Truffles

Instead of buying people chocolates this year I made some Oreo truffles, after seeing them on Bakerella's website. They looked SO good I had to make them. I kind of winged the recipe, and since I was crushing the cookies by hand ended up adding some heavy cream to make them easier to crush, which I wouldn't do again they came out kind of mushy.

Here is what I came up with after mushing up about 3/4 a package of Oreos, a big pour of heavy cream and four ounces of cream cheese with a potato masher. They're shiny because they're gooey and damp, just like you dipped your Oreo cookies in milk. Mmm, oreos and milk...

Then I melted various types of chocolate and had one heck of a time dipping and dripping, in the end they came out lumpy and messy but that makes them more fun to eat, right?

Arin loved them, as you can see he was the one eating these while I assembled the little festive boxes. He managed to snag two, the peanut butter one and a dark chocolate one.

I added some heavy cream to the dark chocolate and the peanut butter when I was melting them, so the coating is a bit mousse-like, which made them easier to 'frost' and more light and fluffy. The milk chocolate ones came out with a traditional hard-shell coating.

This is what Arin has looked like this for the past three days, I swear. No chocolate is safe.

And here is the updated Valentine's table with just SOME of our assorted goodies on it. Minus the strawberries which are chilling on the porch, and a bunch of delicious from-scractch chocolate cupcakes. Those cupcakes there are Julie's attempt to make red-velvet. :)


We got some pretty flowers for Valentine's Day (and a balloon for Arin). They smell even better than they look, the whole house smells like sweet roses. Almost like having spring in the here after all!

I've decided I really love mixed bouquets. The Gerber daisies are so fresh looking!

And here's Arin with his 'boon', momentarily distracted from trying to get more chocolate...

How's this for Romance

Everyone in my family had a nice Valentine's Day planned. Mom and Carl went down to the Cape, Julie and Lauren went down to stay in Provincetown, Arin ate a TON of chocolate, and me... well, this about sums it up:

I got to spend the day cleaning toilets, doing laundry, dusting icky stuff and finally, cooking a big dinner. And I had a monster pile of pots and pans waiting for me bright and early this morning. Oh well, at least there are tons of yummy treats hanging around the house for me to feel better with!

I did get to make some chocolate covered strawberries (still haven't been eaten, except for the two that 'didn't make it' through the fudge dipping ;) and some of Bakerella's Oreo Truffles.

Mine came out very... rustic looking? I added some heavy cream to my Oreo stuffing so they were a bit moister than I think they technically should be, so dipping them was a challenge. Oh, and I didn't use white chocolate, not a big fan. I dipped some in milk chocolate, some in semi-dark chocolate (the strawberry dip) and some in melted Reese's peanut butter chips. The peanut butter is VERY yum!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wishing for Warm

How many months before we can enjoy balmy summer sunsets again?

I'd settle for a few more days of 50 degree highs. :/


Did you know, that when you rinse with Crest Whitening mouthwash and then eat a bagel it tastes like bubblegum? And the taste will stay in your mouth ALL MORNING?

Well, now you do.
Uck. Anyway...

This is what I hope tomorrow looks like. Sunny, warm, and full of heavenly love. Spring COULD come early as a Valentine's Day present, right??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost V-Day

This year Arin will be big enough to appreciate Valentine's Day for what it really means... chocolate. He's obsessed already, I can already imagine what a great day he'll have with a whole bunch of treats to sample.

This is from my birthday breakfast that Julie and Lauren made... but it gets the idea across.

Someone small and sweet stole my heart... and then ate it messily.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here is the progression of my baby from slim little 90th percentile height, 25th percentile weight, to 90th percentile height, 75th percentile weight! Just kidding, he's still a little beanpole! His little thighs are so skinny!

Anyway, this is another example of how Grampy is leading him down the path of excess... always bringing over Dunkin' Donuts! These ones were all stale and left over from Thanksgiving, but it didn't stop Arin from trying to gnaw some deep-fried goodness between those sharp chompers of his.


18 Months Old

Yesterday Arin turned 18 months! We didn't really notice, but he had his appointment with his new doctor today (and didn't have to get the shots yet, lucky boy). He had a fun day this week though, Tuesday I took him to Fun World to play on the huge playground and then Julie came to join us. Afterwards we went to McDonalds so he could have some sips of coca-cola (blame my dad for getting him into this), but he was falling asleep in line from all the fun and lack of a nap! After that he got his first 'real' haircut and at least if its a bit uneven no one can blame me. I don't have the pics of his new hair yet, I'll post them later. But here are two from the last month.

In the first pic he's up on the computer chair having just stolen MY breakfast and proceeding to devour it.

And here is a typical winter night, rampaging around with one or no socks, in pj's that don't match with a sweater for warmth, and doing something silly like running fast with a santa hat covering his eyes.

Why I love Ree

Reasons why I love Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman:

  1. She is a sweetheart.
  2. She keeps it real.
  3. 'Black Heels to Tractor Wheels' indulges my love of romantic stories and makes me warm and fuzzy.
  4. She gives the world lots of pictures of cowboys in tight jeans.
  5. She makes yummy recipes for us.
  6. Someday I'm going to win one of her million awesome contests.
  7. She feels me on SLR obsession.
  8. She lives in the country and takes pretty pictures.
  9. She's funny.
  10. She makes me want to wake up at 5am in the bitter winter to drive cattle. Well, almost.

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