Monday, October 19, 2009

Amazing Libraries

If you are obsessed with libraries, books, architecture or history... you have to go look at this post:

Breathtaking! Now I have a whole new list of places to visit if I ever get a vacation again. :)

The Grandpa Sweater

For Bobo's birthday Alex got him a boatload of cute clothes, and this item was one of my favorites... the grandpa sweater! I saw it online and thought it looked too adorable to resist... I wish they made one in MY size!
(Yes I am obsessed with grey.)

The Muffin's Progress

(This is Bobo's sign for "Done now!")


Introducing... SUPERBOBO! He can fly solely by the power of his cuteness... and eat towers of cookies in a single gobble.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Video of my Family for Halloween

I just had to dig out this old family video to share with everyone, in the spirit of Halloween:

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Monday, October 5, 2009

First Pumpkin Pie of Autumn

I love pumpkin pies... and this one was extra-delicious because instead of evaporated milk I used light cream... thanks Betty Crocker! You can tell by the extra-light color and mousse-like texture, and the flavor was great. Only drawback was a store-bought crust... Pillsbury just isn't as good as homemade. I need to find a nice, soft, and sweet pie dough recipe. Open to suggestions!

Anime Bobo

Featuring the Hottest New Anime Character to hit the US since Pikachu... it's BOBO! JPop heart-throb and part-time Super Hiro!

Okay, but seriously, could Bobo look any more like anime character? Kyute.

Autumn in the Great Outdoors

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Facebook Profile Pic

I really need to get out my Canon and tripod for these outdoor photos... I'm not digging the low-resolution grainy effects of my point-and-shoot. Actually, what I need is to find someone good to take pictures for me... Bobo moves too fast for tripods!

Manly Manicure

Is my child spoiled? Well... maybe just a little. Here he is getting a nice manicure, while reclining on pillows on the sofa... and simultaneously watching a thrilling episode of his favorite show. Just a teeny bit spoiled.

He just loves being pampered!

Telling his manicurist when it's time to do the other hand.

Can you blame us? Look at that face, you'd want to pamper him too! :)

A Furry Visitor

This afternoon I came home to discover we had a special visitor at our house! (Yes, I'm aware that Bobo's sweater is not buttoned correctly... I was so excited for him to see the visitor that I rushed him outside.)

A kitty cat came to see us! I was really excited because Bobo loves animals, and we don't really know people with friendly cats for him to play with. This one was super friendly and sweet, and she had a pretty pink collar on so she must belong to one of the neighbors. We've never seen her before... though oddly enough the other day I saw an orange and white cat walking in the woods by the driveway. It's even odder because we used to have two cats, Tom (who was orange and white) and Chrissy (who was a shorthair version of this cat). It's like we're being visited by their long-lost children. ;)

Bobo wasn't as excited to see the cat as I had expected, though he did say 'kit-ty cat' a bunch of times. Turns out he had been playing with the same cat earlier when he and Julie were outside playing.

The one thing he did try to do that I thought was hilarious... was RIDE the cat. He got behind her, stated his intentions 'IDE, IDE Kit-ty!' and once I understood I quickly redirected him. This cat isn't QUITE big enough to ride on. :)

She's a pretty girl, wherever she came from! We do have sort-of new neighbors, but they aren't moved in yet (just the dad shows up to work on the house), so maybe he brought his cats by to explore? Not sure, but I hope she comes back to visit again. I really miss my kittens and am always sad that Bobo has missed out on having them as pets so far. :(

Hopefully someday down the road he can get his own pet (when he's old enough to take care of it!) or at least get to know his own kitties! :)

Reading up on Halloween

How awesome are Halloween children's books? SO awesome. I'm so happy it's autumny everywhere and Halloween is right around the corner... but I don't want it to come too soon because by then fall will be nearly over. :/ I need to start thinking about costumes. Last year Bobo was a turkey and a cow... and a pumpkin at bedtime. :)

I don't know if he'll get the concept of Trick-or-Treating... but it won't be for lack of trying on my part... we have been reading lots of Halloween type material to prepare! Now we just have to wait for the cheesey Halloween movie marathons on ABC Family... oh MAN do I love those. I'm so excited (and lame).

P.S. How cute is Bobo's little smile in this last one? You know he's going to be super holiday crazy just like his looney mommy! :) Just wait 'til Christmas! We already borrowed 'The Polar Express' from the library since I read the book to him and he liked it so much (but he won't sit and watch it yet... I'll give it a few months).

Future Male Model

Perhaps I'm totally biased... but I just think this is the most gorgeous kid in the universe. I love him to itsy bitsy bits... he's just so cute and huggable. And doesn't the funniest things, like randomly hang out by the kitchen sink posing like he's in GQ.

And then he runs back into the living room to watch Thomas just as soon as I get the flash working ... figures!

I still think he's adorable and gorgeous when he's staring vacantly. Male models do that a lot, so it's good he's got that part down too. :)

Always Coca Cola

This is one of the many reasons Bobo loves to have Grampy babysit... gallon-sized cups of Coke! Not to mention the bag of Dunkin' Donut holes ('dunks' as Bobo calls them) they went out to get earlier!

Bobo loves the van (before he was scared to even go in it) and wanted to go for a few rides, so Grampy took him out to Burger King for their second trip. I guess Grampy thought he was getting this buffalo-sized soda for himself... wrong! Bobo grabbed it as soon as they got home. :)

Don't worry... he didn't have TOO much.

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