Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ganked from Grampy

Grampy obviously didn't lose HIS camera because he just posted all of these on his photo blog.  I stoled them, just 4 u!  We've got Bobo running wild at the Egg Hunt, climbing a super big ladder at the playground, throwing rocks into Maple Creek on our hike, and apparently trying to stab Grampy with a fork at Parkers.


I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to do anything.  Finally I sit down to edit some of the million photos I have saved up and... I can't find my camera!  It's gone!  All my recent pics are still on there, so I hope it turns up soon. 

Today I took a lot, first there was the town-wide Easter Egg Hunt, which Bobo managed to get a grand total of three eggs out of.  I think this was better than last year, which he only got one or two.  This year we even practiced too so he would know exactly what to do and to run fast!!  But, once he got there all he wanted to do was grab one egg and run around shaking it... actually just run around basically.  So the egg hunters came and went, and we stayed to run through the fields, and then went to the big kid playground where he demonstrated his AMAZING climbing skills... I see bouldering in his future.  Momo stopped by for a minute but she missed the egg hunt, not that it was much to see except for crazy overbearing parents trying to get their startled toddlers to grab eggs out from under other startled toddlers.

It was freezing out at the town fields thanks to the wind, so after our super long walk back we decided to go to Parkers (my dad was with us).  It was really fun!  We had an hour and 15 wait so we went to the little shack that sells cider, coffee and donuts and mmm the cider was so good but the donuts are amazing!  They were hot and fresh, and Bobo got a maple frosted cake donut (I ate half) and Dad got a raised one.  Next time we're going to go just to get these donuts they are that good!  After our snack we spent over an hour hiking through the woods behind the restaurant, where all their maple trees are.  There is a big stream running through now though, from all the flooding, so we couldn't cross to where the actual sap trees are, but we had fun following the stream and trying to find a way across.  Breakfast, when we finally got it, was very yummy as always, and on the ride home Bobo fell asleep!

So of course I took a ton of pictures of today, and I have a bunch from Noni's birthday and just random other ones.  Now that spring and summer are coming we have a lot of events on the way, and I'll try to keep up a bit more with the pictures!  Not to mention I still have so many Pioneer Woman ones to put up, oh my!  Here's one from who knows when:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

All The Pretty Horses


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