Sunday, May 16, 2010


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silhouette, Six Months

I've been seeing a lot of silhouette art lately and I have been meaning to make some of Arin for-eh-vah.  I want some to frame, maybe some of those cool multiple ones would be fun too.  I don't know, I'm playing around with ideas.  Here is a quick one I did of my six-month old little Bobosaurus, it would be cute for a little card or part of a progression set, I dunno.  By the way, I absolutely cannot stand the cuteness of looking through all the pics from when he was this little...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love Glows

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jumping on the JumpSport

Bobo got an early birthday present a few days ago... his BIG birthday present: a huge 14' JumpSport trampoline!

So far we love it, and I mean everyone!  It is so much fun and we can't get enough!  The only problem is mosquitos love it too, even during the day, so we have to get our mosquito eradicator machine up and running.  But, if you keep moving they can't get you right??  Plus that makes it such great exercise.

I bought the huge safety net to go along with it, but it's still sitting in my driveway in pieces waiting to be put up... I get really nervous each time we have gone on because Bobo wants to jump near the edge of course, or run around in circles, and I'm terrified he will fall off.  So that's getting put up as soon as I can recruit some help.

I haven't even been on a trampoline in years... and really its even more fun than I remembered.  I'm really glad I went for the JumpSport, because they come with a warranty and last years and years, plus they have great customer service.  I bought it on Monday afternoon and it was delivered Thursday morning!  Plus I had a question and they sent me an email response and then called in case I had any follow ups!

Now I just want to put some landscaping fabric covered with mulch down for under the trampoline area... which is going to be behind the beach (which I'm also redoing this year).  We didn't get a swing set, but I think Bobo is pretty happy with this instead.


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