Thursday, April 5, 2007

Today I went through our pile of baby things, and decided to catalog them to see what we have so far. I took pictures of everything, which are posted below. (Thanks to Mom, Melissa and Katie for their wonderful contributions to the 'stash'!)

I'm also going to post our two baby registries here. We mostly have larger items on there right now and will be adding more small essentials as we go. We aren't really registering for any clothes or furniture. Clothes, because I think people would want to pick them out on their own if they get them (and I know I'll be buying lots!). And furniture since we are going to be using our Pack 'n Play as a bassinet/crib, changing table, and play yard - so we don't need any of those things, plus we are in an apartment and don't have room for much else right now. Mostly, the registries are just lists for my reference so I can keep track of what we will need to buy! :)

Both our registries are online, but the Babies 'R Us list is also available at their stores.
Babies 'R Us Registry -
Amazon Baby Registry -


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