Friday, October 5, 2007

Two Months Old!

I have been posting what few pictures I have put up to facebook, so head on over there to take a look. I'm slowly editing more... I hope to have an entry for each week Arin's been around. So, here are some pictures from week 8!

Arin has been doing so well. He's still pretty slender but he likes to eat a lot still. He's been smiling and happy since birth but now he's making all kinds of happy noises too, his vocalizations are definitely increasing. His hair is growing in golden blond, of all things! He has this long dark brown hair and golden roots, its quite interesting. He's also learned that he can make things move by kicking, such as the sheep that hang in his bassinet, which are currently his favorite little 'friends'. He's just so sweet and cuddly, even when he's crying!

Making his funny 'eeeevil' face:
Arin all relaxed, loves being held:

Mommy and Arin hugging:
Arin on his first real walk around Royal Crest:
Arin enjoying the lake scenery at Royal Crest:
Isn't he so handsome??
Why did Mommy put me in this crazy outfit?!
Cutie pie!
Arin's looking at his hanging sheep and kicking to make them move!

More of him younger (and older) to come later!



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