Sunday, December 13, 2009

Library Tree Lighting Ceremony, Part 1

Last Friday night was the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at our local library. This was Arin's THIRD year going... I can't believe it! I am going to try to find pics from when he was a baby and we went so I can make a comparison of all three times. The only bad part was that this year the fire truck that Santa arrives in LEFT before Arin had a chance to get on and play... that was pretty disappointing. Last year it stayed the whole time and the kids could get up in it and explore right until the end.

Here's the tree before Santa arrived to light it up! Arin keeps talking about how Santa 'lights up' trees now... he thought he would have to come into our living room and light up our tree for the first time too!

And there's the fire truck and Santa... the kids mobbed it immediately! When I was little Santa would throw out candy from the truck, but I guess now he just lights up the tree and goes inside for pictures. Arin was really excited to see Santa, he kept saying his name when he got out of the truck.

The line to wait to see Santa was loooooong and somehow we ended up in the back even though we were right near the door when the line started. We should have just seen the fire truck first instead of waiting! Next year.

After getting back from the hairdresser, Momo joined us! Julie showed up later on too.

Maybe she was trying to distract the crowd so we could get ahead ...

The Dance of the Christmas Lights.



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