Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waiting at the Fair

Yesterday there was a Circus in town.  I wanted to take Bobo to see the acrobats, but my idea was vetoed.  There were no 'animal' acts listed, so I agreed that Bobo might not make it through it, or worse, might try to jump into the ring like he kept asking!  The "midway" was open before the show though, so we went there, lured by the pony ride.

Sadly, the pony ride did not translate into reality.  We bought the ticket, stood in line and then as soon as it was Bobo's turn to get in the saddle... no way.  There was a giant slide next to the ponies, and that's all he wanted anything to do with.  Oh well, at least we got to LOOK at the ponies.  Here he is with his 'golden ticket' to go on the object of his desire... the slide.



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