Friday, November 12, 2010

Boots the Puppy

Okay here is something recent I found in my gmail!  Pics from my BlackBerry... these were taken late October when they wisely had a carnival in our town.  It was *freezing* and pretty much no one went!  But we did, and we had a (mostly, tantrums aside) good time.  We pigged out on fried dough, Bobo got a big old fair hotdog that he ate in 3 seconds flat, watched Bobo and Julie get stuck on the giant slide and then them close it down due to condensation, had Bobo go on the train ride all by himself, played whack-a-mole so he could win a huge ($10) stuffed chinese dragon, and met up with Julie's friend Will and his puppy Boots! 

After we defected to the -regular- playground cause I had no money left for more tickets and froze our bottoms off, we headed home for some hot spiced cider.  Boots had to stay on the porch, but it was so chilly out there we finally set up the baby gate so she could come in the kitchen and play!  And that's what I have pics of!



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