Friday, November 7, 2008

Did you forget about us?!

Right, so I haven't updated this in about ten thousand years! I know, and I feel bad.

First of all, I have been posting all of the pictures that do actually see the light of day on facebook. So, if you're not already friends with me there, add me. If you're not ON facebook, join! It's super easy and a great stalking tool. I mean, social networking... or something. :) I'm sort of addicted to 'beauty blogs' and 'housewife blogs' and since I'm such a prolific writer (right guys?) I should join in the fun. :)  More updates to come, promise!


[in training] julie b said...

Nope! And I was so surprised/happy to see that your blog was actually updated and appeared at the top of my links! I thought blogspot must be glitching again! I don't usually sign into facebook, unless I get a notice from it, so I hope I get to read more about your life so far away on the blog! Much love to you and Arin!


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