Friday, November 7, 2008

New Direction

Yey, a new direction! So, originally this blog was just going to be all Arin all the time, every little smile and giggle and messy faced feeding picture. Obviously, that didn't happen so I'm hijacking this blog (from myself) for myself. Actually, mostly it will probably still be about Arin. But! I get to throw in all the other junk I find myself wanting to publicly blog about.

And, I also have a defunct old beauty blog thingie on this account which I will post on the right so you don't have to click through my profile, just in case you have some morbid interest in my obsession. Maybe I'll even update that once in a while now too! ;)

And I'll try to post pictures, because no one likes posts without pics, right?

So here's Arin symbolizing Mommy being on the ball. At least for a little while.



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