Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Picture

Well, the only Santa Arin's seen was last year and this year at the Library. There are a lot more up on facebook. It was a fun night, involving a real firetruck that Arin got to get up and play in, and the biggest Christmas tree ever lit up all pretty! Lots of fun for the little guy (and me, hee hee!)

Nothing fancy, but here he is:

The past few days when I've had spare moments they have been spent cleaning up baby barf or barfing myself. Oh, and we lost power for a day in that horrible ice storm. Our lines our still ripped off our house and in the driveway. Yey for safety, thanks National Grid for fixing it so promptly! Let me tell you, having to yak over and over again in a 20 degree bathroom is less than fun, in case you were wondering.

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