Saturday, March 7, 2009

Early Spring?

Today was a beautiful day, for early March anyway... here in our yard it was 60 degrees.. apparently elsewhere in town where it's not an icebox enclosed by trees and a yard full of 2ft of snow it was even warmer and people were walking around in just t-shirts. Oh, the joy. Spring, please stay, we need no more nights of 15 degree arctic displays, thanks.

I didn't bring out my camera, but Arin looked totally adorable. There is this one 'island' of orange pine needles and fallen twigs near the edge of the yard that's free of snow, so I brought Arin over there. Of course, he immediately ran into the snow. It's a good thing I put on his snowboots and mittens, because he kept flopping to the ground and digging into the snow with his hands. Now our yard is criss-crossed by little Bobo boot trails, it's funny. We stayed out for so long that ARIN asked to come inside. He never asks to come inside, he will stay outside until his lips turn blue and extremities freeze off. Guess he was tuckered out from all the snow trudging. :)

It's suppose to stay nice for the next two days at least... hopefully the weather men will be wrong and it will be just as warm as it was today, or warmer. We can dream, right?



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