Monday, March 23, 2009

Lost and Dispatches and what?

I put up a new link on my nifty 'most recently posted' blog list on the side. This time it is not a close personal friend, but rather the actor Jorge Garcia (he plays Hurley on the tv show Lost... which is A1 and you should check it out starting with Season 1 if you have not already).

I was looking at Cake Wrecks, which is another famous blog (which I am not interested in linking to as it gives me a headache after 2 minutes) when they had a link to Mr. Garcia's blog. Not realizing who he was, I clicked the link and was super excited! Maybe lots of famous people have blogs now, but I don't read any, so I thought this was a great discovery.

He doesn't really write about the show, more about random stuff from living in Hawaii where they film, and his garden exploits and travel pictures. Which are all very tiny. But I think it's cute and funny so if you need yet another distraction give it a whirl: Dispatches from the Island.



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