Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th Fireworks

We ended up at the fireworks in our town, instead of the fancy ones down near Boston, which was fine. Bobo was a bit scared at first, but after he got used to the loud booms and explosions he was relatively okay with the situation... until Todd started lighting up the backyard... that was WAY too much for him and he wanted to go to bed rather than deal with it! Too funny.

They hold the fireworks at the middle school, and we usually park at our friends' house who live right across the street... but it's still a LONG walk to the back field and I didn't think to bring the stroller... so Carl saved the day with a piggyback ride!

Carl is really tall, so Bobo was literally on top of the world looking down at all the cars and people, he loved it!

The infamous lightsaber...

My mom went to get fried dough for us, and ended up getting stuck in the line during most of the fireworks and then couldn't find us! Finally my brother went and found her. Bobo calmed down a lot when he saw his Momo. :)

Still not sure if he likes the 'thunder' and 'light'! :)

I was so busy watching Arin's expressions that I barely noticed the fireworks! They lasted a while though.

And Carl was nice enough to carry him all the way back to the car again, and some dancing to the blaring music ensued while we waited for JJ to get a replacement lightsaber (his broke after like 5 minutes!). We all came back to the house and Todd and his buddies lit off the 7 tons of fireworks he got. I was pretty sad to miss them as they are huge and awesome, but Bobo was having NONE of it... all I got to see was the bottom parts of them out of the window while Bobo was trying to sleep.



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