Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Knowing the Value of a Dollar

Bobo got this piggy bank from my mom's friend Jen when he was just a tiny little peanut. Isn't it so charming and adorable? I randomly would put coins into it whenever I had some, or cleaned up something. When Bobo got a big bigger I let him put a few coins into it at a time and he was too little to really understand what he was doing.

The other day he brought it out and my mom found a bunch of coins and put them on the ground for him. He had such a fun time putting each one carefully into his piggy bank! The whole time he was saying 'mun-ny!' and 'peeg!'

He loves pigs, and he thinks money is a toy, so it was a great distraction for him... he didn't get up until every last coin was put in! I think he would have stayed there for an hour but he ran out of change.


Anonymous said...

I just bought all three of my kids their first piggy banks. They were just using jars before that. Man they love their piggies. My middle child found some money sitting on the counter. She told me daddy didn't want it anymore and ran to put it in her bank.


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