Monday, September 7, 2009

Cynthia von Buhler's Children's Books

I came across this author today, and both her children's books went right on my Amazon wishlist. Check out this website for
But Who Will Bell the Cats?, her work is SO gorgeous:

She makes intricate scale-models of her scenes and then adds painted paper dolls for the characters, and these books are so beautiful! Intricate down to the smallest detail, and gorgeous colors that just grab you. These will be coming into our home for Christmas (or before). I'm so in love!

This blog of hers shows the behind-the-scenes and how she made the book, her sculptures and close-ups and tons of photos of the delicious details. You have to see these pictures! Here is the before picture of the ballroom... amazing.


Donna said...

I just love looking at other people's blogs. What cute pictures of your little guy! Enjoy him every minute...before you know it he will be heading to college!


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