Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Party

We had a nice little gathering yesterday, and it was a good time all around (the sad, untimely death of a crow aside). Of course, I didn't really take pictures, but it was a beautiful day, nice and cool but sunny and clear. The whole weekend has been gorgeous.

I spiked up Bobo's hair, since it's so long it's getting in his eyes, and got a few pictures of that. Here's one of us!

Notice the long sleeves and Bobo's adorable new rugby shirt (thanks Dada!) which is perfect for fall.

Oh, and we tried out that new ice cream place ... Goss Farm, that's just opened right down the street. It was pretty yummy, and apparently cheaper even than Doc Davis. They also have a few baby animals (chicks, bunnies, and two veal calves), which as Bobo eloquently put it are "stinkeeeee". They have big tractors though, which Bobo thought were fantastic, and apparently they're also going to have a big corn maze when it's high enough. That'll be a nice adventure for the Bobo!



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