Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Furry Visitor

This afternoon I came home to discover we had a special visitor at our house! (Yes, I'm aware that Bobo's sweater is not buttoned correctly... I was so excited for him to see the visitor that I rushed him outside.)

A kitty cat came to see us! I was really excited because Bobo loves animals, and we don't really know people with friendly cats for him to play with. This one was super friendly and sweet, and she had a pretty pink collar on so she must belong to one of the neighbors. We've never seen her before... though oddly enough the other day I saw an orange and white cat walking in the woods by the driveway. It's even odder because we used to have two cats, Tom (who was orange and white) and Chrissy (who was a shorthair version of this cat). It's like we're being visited by their long-lost children. ;)

Bobo wasn't as excited to see the cat as I had expected, though he did say 'kit-ty cat' a bunch of times. Turns out he had been playing with the same cat earlier when he and Julie were outside playing.

The one thing he did try to do that I thought was hilarious... was RIDE the cat. He got behind her, stated his intentions 'IDE, IDE Kit-ty!' and once I understood I quickly redirected him. This cat isn't QUITE big enough to ride on. :)

She's a pretty girl, wherever she came from! We do have sort-of new neighbors, but they aren't moved in yet (just the dad shows up to work on the house), so maybe he brought his cats by to explore? Not sure, but I hope she comes back to visit again. I really miss my kittens and am always sad that Bobo has missed out on having them as pets so far. :(

Hopefully someday down the road he can get his own pet (when he's old enough to take care of it!) or at least get to know his own kitties! :)



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