Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Won Nanowrimo!

I don't know if anyone noticed that I sort of disappeared during November, but the reason was that it was National Novel Writing Month (seems like it was just that time last year too...) so in addition to a thousand other things that have been going on, I took this challenge on as well. Glutton for punishment! However, the stress of an additional burden did pay off because... I WON! I finished my second fifty-thousand word novel in less than 30 days. While I would never even let anyone read this one and know the story isn't really over, I do feel a little proud. :)

The book I was writing is called Elder Adventurers (working title) and briefly, its about how magic is in danger of extinction due to a now-peaceful political system and the dying off of almost all magic users who chose not to take on apprentices and pass down their knowledge. Basically all that's left is a few stragglers, who get rounded up by one busy-body old fogie who just can't give up on life without meddling in the world one last time. Well, that's what its theoretically about, anyway. So, it's done enough for me, maybe I'll come back to it later but with all the other stuff I put off to write, I'll have my hands full for a while yet! Maybe I'll even post a few blog entries in the next few days. :)



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