Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trick or Treat!

This year was Bobo's second time Trick-or-Treating. Last year I had to carry him up to each house to get the candy, but this year he was loving running from door to door to do it himself! He loves candy, so he was ecstatic to grab a piece (or three) or take those that were handed to him. He usually remembered to say 'tick o tweet' and 'tank ooo'. So cute!

Getting his bag all prepared to hold tons of candy, and having Dracula help him get his shoes on.

It was the PERFECT night for Trick-or-Treating. The forecast was for massive rain and freezing tempatures, but we started early and it was warm, gorgeous, slightly windy which carried the scent of a late autumn night on the breeze, leaves rushing by every which way making things a little spooky, and a gorgeous sunset. And if that wasn't enough to set the atmosphere, there was a basically full moon looming over head! I cannot remember such a fantastic Halloween night in my many years on the earth! :)

Bobo was so good, he stayed in his carriage (mostly) between houses, then would jump right out to run up to the door and get his treats. He kept saying 'nodda house, nodda house' because he wanted to keep going! Not to mention his little cow ears and tail flopped up and down as he ran, and he looked incredibly adorable. Everyone who saw him or passed by remarked on how cute his costume looked!

And this is how I spent half of the night... pulling up my socks which kept slipping down in my boots! Notice they are very festive... but unfortunately also very slippery. Next year I will wear sensible socks!

This is the last house we went to on the way back... every year for every holiday they go all out crazy with lights and decorations... you should see Christmas! Not to mention they have always given out *full sized* candy bars. Yum!

The weather stayed awesome almost the whole time... it sprinkled for 5 minutes halfway through, but then as we were walking home it started to pour. We almost made it back before the deluge, but at least Arin had his waterproof carriage!

And here we are back at home checking out the stash... not a bad haul for a two-year old! I put it all in a plastic pumpkin (after we ate a ton of it on Halloween night) and he's still got plenty left to have a candy or two a day. Mmmm.

Hope everyone had as fun a Halloween as we did! Can't wait until next year.



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