Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Knowing the Value of a Dollar

Bobo got this piggy bank from my mom's friend Jen when he was just a tiny little peanut. Isn't it so charming and adorable? I randomly would put coins into it whenever I had some, or cleaned up something. When Bobo got a big bigger I let him put a few coins into it at a time and he was too little to really understand what he was doing.

The other day he brought it out and my mom found a bunch of coins and put them on the ground for him. He had such a fun time putting each one carefully into his piggy bank! The whole time he was saying 'mun-ny!' and 'peeg!'

He loves pigs, and he thinks money is a toy, so it was a great distraction for him... he didn't get up until every last coin was put in! I think he would have stayed there for an hour but he ran out of change.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Off the Face of the Earth

So we've disappeared (into hibernation) for a while, in case anyone noticed! We haven't been feeling so good around our household, and pretty much haven't gotten much done since I posted, unfortunately.

First everyone was feeling under the weather and then Arin got really miserable and sick, which turned out to be an ear infection, and after 10 days of medicine he is back to himself. Then of course I started feeling not so good and had to go to the ER where they did a billion tests, which I still don't know the results even after being to my doc twice since! So the long shot of it is that I get to see a neurologist in three weeks from feeling drugged up, disoriented and 'brain foggy'... which all might not be so bad except I have to chase around a toddler AND have a huge evil midterm I can't focus on doing... not good timing!

Other than that, here is a picture of Arin eating a homemade tortilla. :) Look at those lashes! He's such a charmer. He's going to be a real 'ladies man' as Noni says.

In other news, we're slowly, slowly trying to get ready for his birthday! He turns 2 on August 5th, I really can't believe it's been two years with my munchkin, sometimes it feels like 20 years and sometimes just a few months. We're going to have a little party here for him, I don't think many people are coming which is fine, we'll have fun anyway. I don't even know what kind of cake I'm going to make yet! Heck, I haven't even bought his present yet! :) Hopefully I'll be able to corral some help in the next two weeks to keep me as focused as my weird brain will let me be, and everything will come together for a great lot of fun for Arin.

His party is on the Sunday following the fifth, by the way, so if I haven't invited you yet eep, I'm sorry, please tell me and come! I only sent out invites on facebook, I know, really lame, so I'm sure I've missed people. We're also going to have a little thing on his real birthday, probably (again) involving cupcakes and maybe funworld or something like that.

Monday, July 20, 2009

No Body Glove, No Love

When we decided to go to the lake (see previous posts) we remembered how this has been hanging on the porch for the past few years:

It's JJ's old swimsuit, with built in flotation device so babies will float! So clever, and it looks like Iron Man armor. It's a bit big for Arin, but reasonable enough that he could wear it swimming. I don't know how much it will help him learn to swim, but it looks cute!

Cute Baby, YUCKY Lake

Here are the pics from "silver" lake... it's more like murky nasty poop lake which makes your children sick... but here are pics of Arin looking cute regardless.

He had fun in the water, he is such a water baby!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Trying to be Cool While Burnin' Up

Here's Bobo being silly with my sunglasses. You can see that he's kind of out of it from the fever, his reactions are slow and he just seems spacey. At least it gave me a second to get these cute shots of him playing around. :)

Hope he feels better soon...

Sick Little Muffin

Bobo is a sick little munchkin right now, and it's so heartbreaking. He had a really bad fever on Tuesday night, and all night I was really worried, his whole body was burning up! I spent most of the night dripping water on his head until he fell asleep, only to wake up an hour later. :(

Wednesday I took him to the doctor and she immediately saw that he had a bad ear infection in his right ear! He usually loves having his ears 'checked' or cleaned, but as soon as she tried to look in it he went nuts, so it was pretty obvious even before she saw it. I was worried he might have swine flu, since my dad is convinced everyone on the earth is about to come down with it and it can be dangerous for under-2s (and everyone, etc).

So, Bobo made it almost two whole years without an ear infection or having to get antibiotics, that's pretty good, much better than if he had been in day care I'm sure! I'm pretty sure he got sick from going to nasty, nasty silver lake this weekend... it is just this tepid breeding ground for disease and it smelled like feces, the whole place... I just feel so awful that we brought him to have a fun day in the water and he ended up catching an infection from it. It just creeps me out, and we will never, ever, ever go there again. Place is disgusting, trust me.

So my little boy did better yesterday and only needed tylenol twice, and then today he felt pretty rotten again and his fever is back up high and all he wants to do is 'nap'. With the air conditioner on of course! He also has diarreah from the infection and the antibiotics apparently make that worse, so you can imagine how miserable life is right now! Lots of diapers, lots of yucky medicine and just feeling ucky... it's not a fun time to be a baby that's for sure! :(

These pics are from while we were waiting to go to the doctor... he just sat there and watched his Thomas, didn't even want to move, which never happens. :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Truck and Ba Ba

I was looking through some older photos trying to find the CUTEST ones of Arin and I came across this one. This was from the winter time, does he look so cuddly and cute? Love him! He saw this picture and got all excited over his 'ba ba', which he no longer uses... aww. He's getting so big, I miss him being a little munchkin, though I do love all the fun we can have as he gets bigger and bigger. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pharoh in White

Catching Flies

For some reason, when my mom gets into the car with us, Bobo does this weird trick... every time she turns around to look at him he'll open his mouth wide and just sit there with it open! I guess maybe it's like when a dog sticks his head out the window?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th Fireworks

We ended up at the fireworks in our town, instead of the fancy ones down near Boston, which was fine. Bobo was a bit scared at first, but after he got used to the loud booms and explosions he was relatively okay with the situation... until Todd started lighting up the backyard... that was WAY too much for him and he wanted to go to bed rather than deal with it! Too funny.

They hold the fireworks at the middle school, and we usually park at our friends' house who live right across the street... but it's still a LONG walk to the back field and I didn't think to bring the stroller... so Carl saved the day with a piggyback ride!

Carl is really tall, so Bobo was literally on top of the world looking down at all the cars and people, he loved it!

The infamous lightsaber...

My mom went to get fried dough for us, and ended up getting stuck in the line during most of the fireworks and then couldn't find us! Finally my brother went and found her. Bobo calmed down a lot when he saw his Momo. :)

Still not sure if he likes the 'thunder' and 'light'! :)

I was so busy watching Arin's expressions that I barely noticed the fireworks! They lasted a while though.

And Carl was nice enough to carry him all the way back to the car again, and some dancing to the blaring music ensued while we waited for JJ to get a replacement lightsaber (his broke after like 5 minutes!). We all came back to the house and Todd and his buddies lit off the 7 tons of fireworks he got. I was pretty sad to miss them as they are huge and awesome, but Bobo was having NONE of it... all I got to see was the bottom parts of them out of the window while Bobo was trying to sleep.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bobo, I am your Mother...

The Great Battle

Epic toddler/Star wars references never get old, at least not to me! Hahahah! I was going to edit a bunch of pictures, but I started with this one and got sidetracked. Ah well! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bobo Uses the Force (for Evil)

This was on the Fourth of July at our town fireworks. Carl bought JJ and Bobo each a lightsaber and well... I don't think Bobo is old enough to own a weapon of destruction yet! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paid in Love

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.”
-Mildred B. Vermont

New Toothbrush!

These were from the same day as the playground pics... we stopped at the store and Arin got a new toothbrush! This one is probably too big for him though, I need to get him one with softer bristles besides! So cute though, transitioning from his old one to this one.

He loves to 'brush' his teeth when he's on the changing pad... I have a little panda bear holder that sticks to the mirror and he points to it and says 'teeth', and then 'soap', which is what he calls toothpaste. He really just likes to eat the toothpaste, not to brush... oh well!

Bobo looks JUST like his daddy in this last picture, except for the blond hair!


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