Friday, July 17, 2009

Sick Little Muffin

Bobo is a sick little munchkin right now, and it's so heartbreaking. He had a really bad fever on Tuesday night, and all night I was really worried, his whole body was burning up! I spent most of the night dripping water on his head until he fell asleep, only to wake up an hour later. :(

Wednesday I took him to the doctor and she immediately saw that he had a bad ear infection in his right ear! He usually loves having his ears 'checked' or cleaned, but as soon as she tried to look in it he went nuts, so it was pretty obvious even before she saw it. I was worried he might have swine flu, since my dad is convinced everyone on the earth is about to come down with it and it can be dangerous for under-2s (and everyone, etc).

So, Bobo made it almost two whole years without an ear infection or having to get antibiotics, that's pretty good, much better than if he had been in day care I'm sure! I'm pretty sure he got sick from going to nasty, nasty silver lake this weekend... it is just this tepid breeding ground for disease and it smelled like feces, the whole place... I just feel so awful that we brought him to have a fun day in the water and he ended up catching an infection from it. It just creeps me out, and we will never, ever, ever go there again. Place is disgusting, trust me.

So my little boy did better yesterday and only needed tylenol twice, and then today he felt pretty rotten again and his fever is back up high and all he wants to do is 'nap'. With the air conditioner on of course! He also has diarreah from the infection and the antibiotics apparently make that worse, so you can imagine how miserable life is right now! Lots of diapers, lots of yucky medicine and just feeling ucky... it's not a fun time to be a baby that's for sure! :(

These pics are from while we were waiting to go to the doctor... he just sat there and watched his Thomas, didn't even want to move, which never happens. :(



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