Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hanging out with Melissa and the Girls

My friend Melissa was staying in Amherst for a week, so we finally (after forever!) got to see her and her beautiful daughters, Evie and Rory. We spent the day watching our little toddlers run around and get into relatively peaceful altercations over fire trucks and bikes. It was so much fun, and I hope we'll be seeing them again soon (much sooner than last time!).

Melissa and I were roommates (in a triple) during our first semester of college. We had some differences (as teenage girls do), but after we lived safely in separate rooms we became much better friends... and now we're all grown up with little munchkins to take care of! Where does the time go...

Melissa is a lot more laid back and fun than I am. She lets her kids play with water *indoors*... I almost died! I really need to chill out on my OCD freakiness that' I've developed, because the kids had so much fun splashing and playing with ice cubes.

While the girls went upstairs to take their nap, Arin took the opportunity to explore the gentler toys that he doesn't have at home. They had these fantastic and realistic looking cats (and REAL cats that Arin loved), and a lot of baby dolls! Bobo loves him some baby dolls, but I guess he wanted to wait to enjoy them when the girls weren't there to see. :)

Missa, if you're reading this, thanks so much for having us over, we missed you terribly! Let's do it again soon, there must be some fun fall stuff going on at those farms now!



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