Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small-Town Carnival

Tonight Bobo got his first 'real' carnival experience. Last year he went to one for a grand total of five minutes, and has ever since been totally enamored with the concept of the Crazy Bus. He talked about it for months afterward ('bus!' 'Juju!' 'bus!' was actually the extent of the conversation, but I got the point). Tonight he was reunited with his beloved Crazy Bus... and wouldn't even think about going on it!

He did agree to go on the train, which was his first... and last ride. It was wristband night, and thank goodness we didn't spend the money for that, since after throwing a tantrum on the train (which I rode with him while Momo watched) he refused to go on anything else.

Oh well, we'll try during the day and maybe it will be less confusing and scary without all the lights and loud bands playing!

Since we had so many leftover tickets Momo took a turn on the Fun Slide, and I went on my favorite ride ever, the Swings! I had so much fun, especially since the operator let the ride go extra long (it wasn't very crowded and it was wristband night, so things were very laid back). I could ride the swings all day long, especially at night! It brings me right back to those middle school days of rushing home from school to get ready for the carnival, then spend the night wandering around hopping on as many rides as possible while gossiping with the girls and keeping an eye out for the cute boys from class. Now, I just enjoy feeling like I'm flying. :)



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