Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feeding Some Cows

Saturday morning found us awake bright and early so that we could scoff down some leftover rolls before heading out with MM and their eldest daughter to feed the wild mustangs. It was a cloudy day with occasionally sprinkles, but thank goodness the rain held off until we were safely back at the Lodge.  These gorgeous views were from our bedroom door, which overlooks the wrap-around deck, by the way.

We separated into two trucks with Ashely, Dani, my Mom and I as MM's passengers and everyone else with their 12 year old daughter in the brand new F-150.  Yeah, up here we can't even get near a steering wheel until we're 17!  She's awesome sauce, though.  Riding in the feed truck with MM was seriously fantastic though, he took the time to answer all our (often ridiculous) ranch related questions.

Here's my mama!

Once we got to the cow pasture, we were able to get out.  I was goaded into petting a cow, but sadly they ran away from their delicious breakfast once they saw me coming.  Apparently you have to be *sneaky* to pet/tip/probe cows.


Check out Charlie on the back of the F-150...  more on this later.


I'm so in love with this place, because you can see so far in any direction.  I am partial to mountains, which we also don't have around where we live, but they had enough hills here to satisfy my need for high spaces.  How can you not love all that flat though??

The cows were just about as happy as I was, but more for the protein pellets than the gorgeous views.


How adorable is Ashley?  I just want to put her in my bag and take her home forever.  Plus, she cooks and ice fishes and cures deer meat and milks cows and pretty much is a cowboy's dream girl.  And my dream girl!

We weren't outside for very long, because it is cold on that prairie!  Not the bitter stinging New England cold, mind you, but still quite chilly and we were happy to get back in that truck and watch through the windows while pestering MM with asinine questions like... what do you do with horses when they keel over?? (They dig a big hole and drag the deceased into it).

Notice Charlie milling around.  He was in his element... he was even giving the cows the evil eye and keeping their pacific bovineness in check.

Charlie doesn't bark... he just exudes this attitude that says, "Rawr."  Take heed, guys.


And then it was off to see some wild, wild horses.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think that is an absolute legit question~~~~~what do you do with your horses that have "passed on" ~~~!!! I would have wanted to know, too! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to more posts about the ranch.

Did you meet the rest of the punks?
Did MM join you guys for Friday night supper? What did you think of cowboy Josh? Details, woman! we need details!

La Wrangler said...

We only met the oldest, everyone else was watching monster trucks all weekend or some such... and nope we only saw MM and Cowboy Josh on Saturday night. Josh is tall and cute and so totally a cowboy. You'll see, I'm getting there slowly! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my questions. I'm looking forward to more posts on your ranch experience!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!! This is so awesome!! I can't wait for more!! It's great to see the ranch and the people from a different perspective other than PW's!
Thank You!!

tavus said...

great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Where ya been girl? Ha. I check here often waiting for more of your posts. Could you fill us in on the dogs in your pics? Seriously though, thanks for posting what you already have! It is great to get an "insider's" view!

Ashley said...

Hey just so you know I also have a secret crush on you and want to fold you up and put you in my pocket!!!!


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