Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Night at the Lodge, Continued...


As I mentioned before, after dinner everyone pitched in a hand to help clean up.  Except me, of course, because I was busy being annoying and taking pictures of it.  Charlie also snuck his way back inside, skunk-smelling and all.  We'd already eaten, so who cares, right!

Did I already mention how in love I am with this kitchen?  I'd followed the whole Lodge re-do, but I literally gasped out loud when I walked in to its magnificence.  Ahh-may-zing.

Gratuitous Charlie pictures warning!  He was definitely the celebrity of the weekend.  And it may not look like it with those teeny little legs, but this dog can jump!  Here he is mid-air after trying to get up on someone putting away bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

Even though he was stinky, people just couldn't keep their hands off him.  It's a hard life for Charlie, with beautiful women falling over each other to nuzzle him or rub his belly.

The Lodge also has industrial KFC-sized sinks in the pantry, perfect for spray washing dishes or having weird bubble bath situations like the food chain workers do.  We stuck to washing dishes, even after a horrified Ree tried to chase out her guests/food service workers.  It's just such a joy do do anything in this place!

I was content to go back to snapping pictures, and mmm, check out the rosemary rolls... trust me they taste even better than they look sitting there all nestled in warm garlicy rosemary goodness.

I have some dough currently sitting in my fridge that's destined for a similar fate... but I don't think they'll make it to the two day mark like these barely did.

Charlie was weaving in and out of people this whole time, until finally he got enough attention, flopped down and didn't move until Ree and her daughter dragged him out by his soft little ears.


This dog just soaks up love like a sponge.   A very floppy-eared, sad-eyed sponge.  And he loves every last second of it!

After our amazing hostess left us to get some sleep, we took a moment to gawk around again and then all headed straight to bed.  It was a LONG trip for most of us (Gina and Sara... they had it easy), and we had to be up bright and early the next day so that we could pretend we were cowgirls.  None of us had these, though:


Ashely and Dani are being very nice and turning off all the lights and lamps and candles before we head off to dreamland.

Of course, before bed I had to get all googly-eyed over the bathroom, which is *gorgeous* like everything else.  I've stayed at fancy-pants hotels and really, none of them are as comfortable as staying here.  Not to mention the beds, seriously, most comfortable things in the universe.  Did I already mention that?

My mom mentioned being able to fit seven people and a breakfast table in the shower, and she was right, it's HUGE.


Hi, it's me!  Who else loves mirror shots?  I know Ashley does, because girl has this same picture on facebook!

Just one last bathroom shot!  Okay I'm done.  For now.


Oh, and these cow skin thingies?  SO soft and actually adorable.  I was a little iffy on if I'd want these instead of rugs, but I am a convert.  Sadly I don't think they'd go great over our brick-red carpet here in Massachusetts.  

And then... to bed!


Liz said...

Checking out your blog since you seem to be the only one of the people who stayed there who has your own account of the weekend! Also, everyone's dying to know what your mom's one-liners were at dinner. =)

La Wrangler said...

Hee hee, my mom has a bit of a risque sense of humor. Everyone else just put their pics on facebook I think, I'll snag some of the best ones of theirs after I put up my million and a half. :)

Sary said...

I'm loving your blog! I started one but I haven't done much with it yet. But you inspired me!!!

ruth ann said...

Everything looks wonderful! The lodge, the food...

P.W.'s oldest punk is TALL! Is she taller than Ree?


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