Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joolie's Birthday Celebration

Here are a few pictures from Julie's birthday this year.  We celebrated with some delicious takeout from Filho's Cucina, mmm so tasty! Julie had requested an 'animal-shaped' cake... so umm, out of ideas we went with a teddy bear.  Mom proceeded to decorate the teddy bear when I wasn't looking... and I think made him into a homeless grifter/serial killer looking bear.  He tasted good at least!


This bear had a scruffy chin strap which my mom took off after my expression of horror... and then it looked like he had an even sketchier five o'clock shadow. And check out those huge googly eyes - decorating is how we get rid of old candy.  :)


Bobo may or may not have had only cheese-puffs for dinner.  Which he ate with a fork.




And here's Julie wearing a Venetian mask... hey why not, it's her birthday!

Happy 26th Birthday Joolie!!



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