Monday, February 22, 2010

The Voyage to Oklahoma

Our long journey began in an airport in Paris in the 1940s: just two women, alone save for a hoard of pastry, facing the beginning of a dusty road to the very far west.

That's a 'Get Smart' style Russian walkie talkie, not a cell phone

Our spirits were high, though the miles before us were long, and the warm sun greeted us cheerfully from behind the industrial plate-glass.

It being Paris in the 40s and all, I am exclaiming something to the effect of 'Ooh la la, sacre bleu! Je suis une bibliotheque chevre au vin!'  Basically I was swooning with excitement to get on the plane.

Finally, about 70 years later, we arrived in Oklahoma!  Cue this video please.  Actually there was no one singing in the airport when we landed, but once we spied our limo our hearts sure were!  We met Shelley and Paige first, and all decided no dementors/party poopers would be allowed in, or at least wouldn't be given complimentary mini soda cans.

Of course we weren't disappointed, everyone who came was amazing, fun, sweet, and a joy to be around.  This was the best group of ladies anyone could have wished to be stuck with in the middle of no where for an entire weekend.  Here's Ashley (NOT Emily) and Dani who are sisters from Idaho and the last to fly in.

After we rounded everyone up, William our driver took us to downtown Tulsa (it's a real city, with big buildings and running water!) to pick up Gina and Sara.  We may have been chanting loudly as they walked towards the limo- we're a rowdy crowd.  Once we snagged Gina away from her cute new hubby, we all took off on the loooong drive out to the ranch.  On the way of course, someone had to use the little girl's room, so William pulled us over at... this place.  Now previously, I had the impression that Oklahoma was a wholesome, family-friendly state, but, well... see for yourself what kind of establishments they have littered all over:

Now not only do they have these ... "gas stations" all over the place, they sell merchandise so people can advertise their proclivities to the whole world.  Look, they even sell BOXERS with the logo pasted all over them.  Just saying.

Now before you guys go judging me and my fashion sense... let me just say that I heard it from the horse's mouth that a certain single cowboy whose chaps you have all likely enjoyed drooling over has *this very same hat*. 

Cowboy Approved.

Once we finally pried ourselves away from this establishment, and drooled over the Sonic next-door (which we resisted, based solely on the powerful motivation that Ree was at home slaving away over the stove for us), we spent another 6 hours getting to know each other while traversing dirt roads and tumbleweed deep out into the pitch-black prairie.  It was so dark, by the way, that when we finally saw the blazing lights of the Lodge looming ahead, William was so excited that we all nearly flipped seven times down a cliff in our giant limo.
So happy to be alive!

Of course, he was much too skilled to lose control, and we all gratefully clawed our way out onto solid ground to begin our fabulous weekend!  Stay tuned for more...


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I can't wait for more!!!

Wendy =)

maureen said...

I am so glad she is my daughter. It does seem that everyone at the weekend retreat is versed in the use of a poetic license, or do I mean literary ooooklahooooma i do love that tune

La Wrangler said...

Thanks mama! Glad you finally deigned to read my blog for once. I know, it's only because there are pics of you going up! More to come as soon as this casserole/ cinnamon roll situation we having going on is under control. Mmmm.

Julie said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos! Hello Maureen!!

Tavus said...

Great pix and post, but I want more seems like a nice trip.

Cece said...

Hi--Lurker here !

... trying to read and soak up all the fun I missed. I found your site through your comment on Ree's story.

I just want you to be sure to include the one-liner "mama" said !! It had to be a goody. Ree must be one fantastic photographer to get 2 pics in a row while all the laughter was going on, and they were in focus !

Thanks for posting this for us !

Anonymous said...

More, more!

betsy said...

Im loving reading the blog! You girls were all so neat! Its fun seeing what I missed before dinner!

betsy said...

Im loving reading the blog! You girls were all so neat! Its fun seeing what I missed before dinner!

Connie said...

Thank you Thank you for sharing your PW Lodge weekend with the rest of us fans! I'm enjoying your account of the adventure, love your humor and writing style!

La Wrangler said...

Yey, thank you guys so much! I'll be sure to put up the one-liners as I remember them, and I'm working on getting through all the pics, you guys'll be sick of 'em before I'm through. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks a gazillion for taking the time to post all about the sushi weekend!

You can't post too many pictures, seriously!

Was it reallyyyyy 6 hrs. to Ree's?

(I am getting a good laugh out of that gas station/convenience store place!)

And you must know that we are all gonna bug you to death until you tell us what the famous one-liner was!!! Ha!


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