Sunday, February 15, 2009

How's this for Romance

Everyone in my family had a nice Valentine's Day planned. Mom and Carl went down to the Cape, Julie and Lauren went down to stay in Provincetown, Arin ate a TON of chocolate, and me... well, this about sums it up:

I got to spend the day cleaning toilets, doing laundry, dusting icky stuff and finally, cooking a big dinner. And I had a monster pile of pots and pans waiting for me bright and early this morning. Oh well, at least there are tons of yummy treats hanging around the house for me to feel better with!

I did get to make some chocolate covered strawberries (still haven't been eaten, except for the two that 'didn't make it' through the fudge dipping ;) and some of Bakerella's Oreo Truffles.

Mine came out very... rustic looking? I added some heavy cream to my Oreo stuffing so they were a bit moister than I think they technically should be, so dipping them was a challenge. Oh, and I didn't use white chocolate, not a big fan. I dipped some in milk chocolate, some in semi-dark chocolate (the strawberry dip) and some in melted Reese's peanut butter chips. The peanut butter is VERY yum!



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