Monday, February 16, 2009

Chocolate Ninja

I don't know how this keeps happening... my Bobosaur is a NINJA. A chocolate ninja.

I was in the kitchen washing dishes earlier, and when I finished I realized Arin hadn't eaten anything (he wasn't hungry for breakfast), and I felt like a bad mommy so I grabbed a nutri-grain bar figuring at least he would have something in his stomach.

I walk into the living room to give him the tasty snack and was shocked to discover that my sweet boy, who had been playing so nice and quietly so I could clean up, had somehow snuck into the kitchen (the gate had been up all weekend to prevent him from getting Valentine's treats), grabbed a big box of turtle chocolates and snuck back into the living room stealthily, where he helped himself to a chocolate coma!

He just looked up at me with this glazed-over expression, and held up his hand for me to clean off! He was literally drunk off chocolate. You can see it in his face here, he was just laid out, barely able to suck the chocolate off his fingers. I think he only had one, but I guess they are strong... Oh, and of course he had spit out all the nuts all over himself and the floor. They get in the way of chocolate, you know.

So much for the Nutri-grain bar.


K J B said...

You are so funny. I used them all the time when I was pregnant... and I gaurentee my nose was bigger than then it is now!
I was tempted to take a pic but thought since I am still sick, and puffy from sinus pressure I would probably end up not making it public anyway.

I love the chocolate coma pics. Bray did that with a box of truffles a few weeks ago.... right before church. The sugar high hit right during sacrament meeting and he was crawling, jumping, climbing over everything.

Arin is still so cute. I LOVE that you are posting more pics/stories now. And I also LOVE hearing from your again!


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