Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am sick currently, which means that my whole world stops for a little while. I am not one of those people who handle being sick with grace. I whimper and shiver and sniffle obtrusively and sneeze all over. If I'm sick everyone knows it and I want pity.

I can accept this, I know I'm no Jane Austen heroine.

They are demure and modest and yet very delicate in that they are often contracting random illnesses they they accept quietly and without fuss. They just lie about in bed, graciously receiving visitors and eating toast.

I eat toast and complain about wanting to vomit and how snot shoots out of my tear duct when I blow my nose. No lie, it's wicked gross.

But, while I'm talking about Jane Austen, I would like to add a new blog to my list on the side. It's lovely and fantastic and indulges my epic love for all things English and polite and romantic. I've been finding a lot of great historical blogs recently but this one is good even if you aren't hardcore, check it out:

Also, it has tons of info and links to other nifty historical-ish things that are 'excessively diverting' to explore (that's a web award by the way, which this blog has won).

So, I'm going to sit here too sick to read all this socially delicious goodness, and dream of a time when it's spring and I'm well and I can devote hours to reading historical romantic fiction. Perfect.



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