Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yummy Song

Ok, now that I know how to embed youtube videos here y'all are in trouble. Yeah, that's right.

So I really like this song, and forgot about it until I happened to hear it on the radio Thursday night as I was running late for class. The scene: a cold winter night in the dark heart of Lowell with me in a giant SUV driving around the enclosed parking lots of UMASS's administrative buildings, desperately searching for a phantom opening. And of course, getting later and later by the second. I already knew I would have to walk in while my instructor was talking, and I get enough attention from him as it is. Also, there are more people in our class than workstations, so the last people there (usually those caught in traffic) are the ones who have to embarrassingly double up with other people and sit in the aisle. So, you could say at this point I was stressin'. Then this song came on the radio, and all my cares just melted into dust.

Instantly I was transported back to sophmore year of college, listening to John Mayer on the radio as I and three other UNH ladies made an adventurous car trek all the way up to Montreal for a fantastic girl's weekend. I know, Matt Nathanson is NOT John Mayer, mostly because I don't much like the latter, though that song, you know, the one about being in BED... that's a damn sexy song. But not like, dirty porno sexy, you know? So is this song, which is why I'm reminded of those carefree days of my wild youth. So yeah, SEXY YUMMY SONG:

I put up the lyric video instead of his actual video because a.) the sound quality was better and b.) he does some weird wiggly dancing in his video that just FREAKS me out. Sorry.

Also, interestingly, the radio informed me that Mr. Nathanson is actually from Massachusetts! Lexington, to be specific, and according to the announcer the only good thing to come out of the city besides the Minutemen. A joke about pickup lines ensued. Anyway, just thought I'd share my unexpected happy moment from last week.



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