Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Oreo Truffles

Instead of buying people chocolates this year I made some Oreo truffles, after seeing them on Bakerella's website. They looked SO good I had to make them. I kind of winged the recipe, and since I was crushing the cookies by hand ended up adding some heavy cream to make them easier to crush, which I wouldn't do again they came out kind of mushy.

Here is what I came up with after mushing up about 3/4 a package of Oreos, a big pour of heavy cream and four ounces of cream cheese with a potato masher. They're shiny because they're gooey and damp, just like you dipped your Oreo cookies in milk. Mmm, oreos and milk...

Then I melted various types of chocolate and had one heck of a time dipping and dripping, in the end they came out lumpy and messy but that makes them more fun to eat, right?

Arin loved them, as you can see he was the one eating these while I assembled the little festive boxes. He managed to snag two, the peanut butter one and a dark chocolate one.

I added some heavy cream to the dark chocolate and the peanut butter when I was melting them, so the coating is a bit mousse-like, which made them easier to 'frost' and more light and fluffy. The milk chocolate ones came out with a traditional hard-shell coating.

This is what Arin has looked like this for the past three days, I swear. No chocolate is safe.

And here is the updated Valentine's table with just SOME of our assorted goodies on it. Minus the strawberries which are chilling on the porch, and a bunch of delicious from-scractch chocolate cupcakes. Those cupcakes there are Julie's attempt to make red-velvet. :)


Jill said...

Those look really good!

Joolie said...

It was a valiant effort on the red velvet front! From scratch no less!


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