Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bobo Making Cookies

I'm a little obsessed with pre-sliced frozen holiday sugar cookies... they're just so easy, tasty and cute!  They used to have three different holiday designs for the whole year, and now they've caught on and made a ton, for every holiday.  I'm surprised they didn't have Martin Luther King Jr. ones.  The sad thing is, I will buy any new holiday design they come up with!

I've shared my love of these cookies with Bobo, and HE loves them because these are one thing that he can 'make' all by himself!  He gets so excited when he sees these because during Christmas he got to make them for the first time.  I didn't even finish unpacking the groceries when he grabbed them, began dancing around, and telling me he had to 'make cookies' right away.  Who could resist that?

After someone opens the bag for him, and slides out the tray, he meticulously takes one cookie at a time and places it on the baking sheet.  When he's finally finished they are all mostly on one side, so he has to spread them out (and gets a little help before they are popped into the oven).

Then of course comes the waiting... but that's no problem thanks to his ten thousand trains that he has.  Notice the nice MAT on the floor... that was a gift from Todd.  I asked for a Silpat for Christmas (and notice how we are using it for the cookies, I loves it!), and Todd went last minute shopping without a list and all he could remember was that I wanted some kind of a mat!  So he got me a PLACE mat, and this FLOOR mat!  Nice attempt, but the best thing is this floor mat is AWESOME... its so comfy and makes you want to wash dishes... I'm not kidding.

And finally we have the cookies!  They taste best when they're warm (but I pull them out right after 9 minutes so they stay really soft even days later), so of course we gobbled up a bunch.  Mmm!  I think next time I go shopping I'm going to have to get another pack... you know, because they have TWO different Valentine's Day designs, and we have to see how the arrow heart ones taste!

Hey Bobo... did you eat a million cookies or what? (I think that's a yes.)



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