Friday, January 15, 2010

January Rolling On...

I haven't been posting lately I noticed.  I had a bunch of things to take pictures of during the holidays... but now they're over and we haven't been doing anything exciting!  It's the beginning of that long stretch of winter where nothing happens and there is no where to go... until spring time.  Boring!  Not to mention it's ridiculously cold out and who wants to do anything in weather like that?

Anyway, Bobo was home with me for the long weekend and I was trying to take a 'professional' picture for my Linkedin resume... let's just say it wasn't as successful as I hoped.  But, I got some cute ones of me and Bobo!  I wonder if that would impress hiring managers?  I think you're not supposed to let them know you have young kids, so I should probably change my facebook profile picture (because they show up on google, and companies like to search interviewees.)  Though, that's probably not as bad as the old photo links you can find attached to me all over the place!  Oh well... most of them are overseas so it doesn't count right?!  :)  I created a new email for my resume, which is good because the old one brings up a whole bunch of old pictures and stuff that are kind of embarrassing.  No I'm not telling you my email (shoot, it's probably on the side isn't it?).  Don't do it!

Bobo is loving spending a few hours a week with Miss Robin and his new friends at 'school', he talks about how they play with trucks and watch Thomas and the best part is that she has a PUPPY... it's a cute little dog and so sweet.  It's great, it's like he gets to have a pet but we don't have to clean up after it.  I'm just keeping up with the job search and trying to learn as much about Java as I can before my classes start in another week... it's not a full course load but I'm taking a lot of programming stuff which I find difficult.  I'm hoping to be in a full-time position before the end of February, and to graduate (again) this summer, so cross your fingers for me!



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