Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Roller Skating Adventure

This afternoon we headed down to Roller Kingdom, the skating rink where we used to go as kids, to take Bobo for his first ever roller skating experience!  Things started off a little iffy... we got there 20 minutes before they closed for lunch so we had to leave and come back.  That ended up working out well- we had a tasty lunch at Panera and then hit the Home Depot for a while (too long a while).  Unfortunately, by the time we got back to Roller Kingdom, the previously empty parking lot was JAM PACKED.  Cars were parked everywhere, on top of each other, and even on the side of the highway...  The entire huge ice skating arena parking lot next door was also full... so we were headed out to park across the highway when we saw some guy leaving four spots away from the door... score!

Once inside, it was also really packed... apparently Saturday afternoon is THE time to have your birthday at Roller Kingdom. It was borderline ridiculous and crazy kids on rollerblades were everywhere... next time we will certainly get there right when they open instead of having to deal with the 'party scene' and parking nightmare.

Bobo did really well at roller skating... except for a melt down after they took his shoes away and gave him his skates (mini real person skates!).  I guess he thought they were stealing his shoes!  It took 10 minutes to convince him to even put them on, I thought we would have to leave before we even got to skate, but he came through.  Once they were on, Bobo was all for it.  He was SO good, he could skate across the carpet all by himself after just a moment.

We headed into the center of the skate rink, which is the area for beginners and little kids, with everyone else circling at break-neck speed around.  Bobo was really getting the hang of it as we skated back and forth, and then when Momo finally got some roller blades (they were so busy they didn't have ANY women's skates left) and joined us, and then we braved the big circle for a lap or two. After that, we had to wait through 10 races, so Bobo played with the arcade machines... and then we scored a free game of Ice Ball!  (Bobo is not ready for Ice Ball, I might add.)

It wasn't bad for a first experience, and now we know for sure to get there right when they open, or maybe try a week night.  It was too cute not to do again soon, I loved how his mini skates looked!

He was so tired afterwards that he ASKED to take a nap as soon as we got home!  So sweet.


Anonymous said...

Other than the crazy crowds, this sounds like so much fun! I really want to take my little guy skating now!

La Wrangler said...

It is so much fun, you have no idea! Until they learn to go limp and rely on you for total support... then it gets tiring real fast. But dang do they look cute in skates. :)


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