Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcoming 2010

Happy New Years... a few days late of course.  We had a nice little party at our house to watch the ball drop.  Sadly, our party was not the most exciting, and everyone ended up sitting in the living room watching one person at a time play Chicken Shoot on the Wii (don't ask).  Then we watched some questionable musical dance routines on the various New Year's programs... the one we found the most enjoyable and family-friendly was one of the spanish (Mexican?) networks, go figure!

One exciting moment for me (before the ball drop... that's *always* exciting) was when Mom brought this little gem of deliciousness from the store for us:

Haloumi!  She found it in a Lebanese store but this stuff is CYPRIOT all the way.  It only comes from Cyprus and is so delicious.  You actually grill it to make it taste the best, its a little rubbery and slightly crumbly once grilled, and very salty, buttery and mild.  It's a great treat, and we all fell in love with it while in Cyprus but it's pretty hard to find here (in the UK it's much easier to get a hold of).

So, I grilled it all up and we enjoyed it with some tzatziki that I actually just had sitting in the fridge from making souvlaki... what good fortune!  I think it's a sign for the new year, which has been quite nice so far.  The past few years have been a little rough in their own ways, but I am rooting for this year to be the best of the decade, who is with me? 


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