Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Things Afoot

As you may know, I've been hoping to find a full-time job since my last semester ended and I'm only taking a half-time course load this semester.  The tricky part is that I'm obviously not finished with my IT degree, but that's the field I want a job in (British history is just not a bustling industry, sadly), more specifically working with Oracle (which is really hard to get into without experience).  So, yesterday I started casting my net a little wider, and applied to this company that my friend works for... and this morning I got a call back from them!  I am very excited, so cross your fingers for me! 

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, a little while later I got another call and it was a *head hunter* (or recruiter, as they prefer), who found my resume on Dice!  Unfortunately, he didn't really READ my resume well and wanted someone with RAC experience, but it was still really neat to have a random stranger call up and try to offer me a job!  So, I'm a big dork and I'm getting a huge kick out of this lucky streak I've been having, and I really hope it keeps up long enough for me to get into a great position!  Oh, and here's one of the suit pictures that somehow managed to miss Bobo playing trains over my shoes. 



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