Friday, January 8, 2010


OMG, I just found the best utility ever... PatternCooler!  It let's you customize all these amazing seamless patterns... you can use them as-is (they are really awesome) or change the size, colors, etc!  This is the best idea ever if you want to customize your blog, or it would be awesome for digital scrapbook pages or other websites.  Go check it out at:

Now I am going to play for a thousand hours until I find a new one for this blog.  Yes, I know, there are a thousand other things I should be doing (like vacuuming or learning Java before my class starts), but this is way too much excitement to pass up.

Edit:  Check out the new look!  I am so in love.  Here are three of the patterns I customized in the last hour!  Okay, the little ones don't look that impressive, but they're much cuter when set as backgrounds.




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