Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bobo's Birthday Fort

For Arin's Birthday, Uncle Todd, Jason (and others who later abandoned the effort) came up with the idea to make a Tower of Presents or something like that. What they ended up with, 65 boxes and 17 rolls of duct tape later... was this awesome Fort of Birthday Fun! If it wasn't great enough on its own, it's little nooks and crannies were filled with toys, books and candy!

These two spent hours and hours in the pitch-black bug infested night working on this crazy thing... lit only by the light of Bobo's green lightsaber (which did not survive the party, RIP lightsaber).

Bobo wasn't so sure about going into a crazy dark tunnel, as a matter of fact he was downright opposed to the idea. The only way we finally got him to go in was after much coaxing and the promise that there was CANDY inside. That did the trick!

The narrow entryway tunnel goes in an S-shape, starting of small and getting higher as you go, and then it opens up into a big room filled with lots of shelves to hold fun stuff, and windows so you can peek out or in.

It was a TIGHT SQUEEZE for big people to get in, especially the turns. By the end of the day it had been stretched out a bit, but you still needed to do some acrobatics to get in. Not for the claustrophobic!

Party inside the castle!

Todd and Jason pondering how they can improve upon their design for future birthdays. I told them to build a treehouse out of wood, so it wouldn't dissolve at the first storm!

There was a bag of lollipops inside that made the whole experience for Bobo.

One present Bobo got earlier was a car that plays music and 'dances', so someone brought it into the castle and a dance party ensued.

Grampy didn't go in, as far as I know... but Momo did! For those not brave enough, you could look in the windows and see what you were missing.

Thanks Todd and Jason, it was an awesome present and the perfect playhouse to have at his party!!


Tavus said...

Wow! that is the coolest birthday idea I have ever heard! They oughta make a business from it!

Emily said...

It was very sweet of them, they spent so many hours and had to keep going to the store to buy MORE duct tape... they would have to streamline their methods if they wanted to do it again (which I think they are planning for next year, oh my)!

Liz Harrell said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and had to comment... this is the coolest birthday ever! I'm impressed with the work that went into it. And also, I kind of wish I had one in my backyard. And I dont have kids. :)


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