Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Changing Pad

About a month ago, when Bobo first got sick with his Silver Lake-induced shigella/ear infection travesty, we had an unfortunate loss in our household... our trusty changing pad finally kicked the bucket.

I was sad, because it was one of the first baby items we bought when setting up our 'nursery' (which was actually just part of the bedroom in our apartment), and I was so excited to buy all the fun changing pads for it and shocked at how big it was. When Bobo finally arrived he didn't even take up half of it! Well, by the time it 'retired from service' his legs were sticking off it pretty far.

I was going to run to the store to buy another one, one whose many cracks and tattered batting were not filled with explosive, colorful sick-baby diarrhea (sorry for the visual). Then frugality prevailed, and I settled on a tried-and-true solution that was a feature in my bathroom while my little brother was going through his baby years... the pile o' towels. It's not fancy, but it works! More motivation to potty train sooner than later, I suppose.

Anyway, Bobo doesn't seem to mind or have noticed that his mostly smooshed and worn 'official' changing pad was replaced with some soft, comfy beach towels. And I no longer have to worry about a diarrhea infiltration... these babies can just get tossed in the wash and voila- all poop traces are gone.

How long and skinny are his legs, btw?? He's so going to be 6'2! :)



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