Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pins and Needles - Sewing with Momo

Bobo has an obsession with order. He loves to line things up, sort them, organize them. He will sit and line up his cars all day long, and that is the best kind of fun to him. One special activity he loves is helping Momo sew, and his job is to take every single little multi-colored pin out of its box very carefully, and line them all up, then carefully place each one back in the box. He is very careful and very methodical, and it is so precious!

He is such a good little helper, he will sit next to her for ages and just organize the pins. I think it helps that the heads are in a huge variety of pretty, pearl-finished hues. I'm sure once he learns colors he will be organizing them that way.

I was worried that disaster would ensue and someone would end up with pins sticking out of their eyes, or at the very least forearms, but so far he hasn't even gotten a single prick! It just shows how precise and OCD he is about his little 'job'.

"Now leave me alone Mama, this is me and Momo time!"



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