Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Racer Shades

How funny are these sunglasses? I got them over a year ago at Mother and Child... they were on a display by the register and tiny Bobo grabbed onto the package they were in and thought it was the best toy ever, so I brought them home.

Last year he wasn't into wearing them at all, he maybe let me put them on his face for 5 seconds, and then would rip them off. Same thing with hats. And its too bad, these are such a good idea, they fasten in the back so little munchkins don't lose them like they would normal glasses.

Well, anyway, he finally decided they were cool and wanted to wear them! For three days he would run over and grab them and ask to have them put on him. Even at night time, when he probably couldn't see anything out of them, he wanted to cruise around the house with them on. I think he looks adorable AND very Fashionable Male. ;)


Anonymous said...

Please note the fashionable purple Bob's Surplus shirt that is at least 20 years old and was worn by Mom or Julie long long ago.


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