Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bobo's Birthday Party, Part 1

Bobo turned 2 last Wednesday, and we had birthday fun that day (pictures to come), but his big party was on Saturday. We spent all week getting ready, cleaning up and baking treats, and then on the big day lots of friends and family came over to help Arin celebrate his birthday! He had so much fun running around with all the stuff to do and people to play with, and didn't even get a nap in... he was so exhausted from all the fun that he passed out at 8pm sharp... which is funny because that was the 'end time' I put on the facebook invite, even though we kept celebrating much later.

We got a tank of helium to blow up balloons... unfortunately Momo was blowing up some on the porch when Bobo wandered in ... just as she overfilled one and it popped. He screamed, ran out of the room and refused to go near the porch or balloons for a while! He didn't even want to greet his first guest who arrived moments later, he was too busy hiding in the living room.

Sweet and sour (sort-of) meatballs... Bobo devoured a whole plate of these, which is shocking because usually he only eats a few bites of something and is done... (even ice cream), except Momo's stuffed shells that we 'sampled' the night before, he gobbled those up too.

Bobo got so many more presents at the party! He actually loves them all (well, maybe Mommy loves the clothes he got more than he does), and has been playing with everything non-stop. He opened presents as the mood caught him throughout the day... sometimes he would even sneak a present off the table and tiptoe off into the living room to open them secretly, all by himself. Too cute!

Auntie Juju got him these adorable little flipflops, which was great because he has outgrown his Adidas sandals and his aquasocks and has nothing to wear to the beach.

We had three Mary's at the party, and two of them brought wee little babies! Look at the two little munchkins, they were sooo precious. One little muffin was brand-new, look how tiny she is in her daddy's arms!

Exhausted from all the party prep, but having a good time anyway!

The car cake I made for Bobo... it did not come out as well as I had hoped, I sort of ran out of time and it was really hot so the cake turned into a giant melty-frosting mess. I should have used the fondant! Next year. :)

When we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to Bobo he got so shy! He just got this cute little expression on his face and was looking downward not making eye contact. So adorable.

Bobo actually blew out one candle by himself! I didn't think he would be able to do it so I accidently blew out the second candle a moment after he got the first one out. Sorry cutie!

And here Bobo is helping cut the cake. I think he only ate a bite or two of it, there was just too much other stuff to do, like open presents!

Phew! More pictures coming later. ;)


Melissa said...

It looks like an awesome bday party! I can't believe he is 2! I wish we could have celebrated with you, next year for sure! And I think the car cake looks great!!


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