Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bobo's Birthday Part, Part 2

Continuing on with Bobo's birthday party...

After/during cake there was juice box time when all the little boys had to have their fix of Apple and Eve. :)

Arin continued to open presents throughout the day... when Grampy arrived he brought a huge Santa-bag full of toys and fun stuff. There were so many things Bobo got burned out from opening them all and couldn't even finish!

I will do another post about Bobo's exciting outdoor present later... this is what people were congregating around, especially the little kids!

One thing Bobo loved was letting balloons go! He thought this was fabulous, watching them go up higher and higher and then getting caught by wind currents and racing away into the clouds. He managed to get about four balloons loose over the course of the day. I think this qualifies as littering... sorry Mother Nature and everyone at the local airport!

And after such a fun day where it didn't even rain (though it was supposed to) Bobo sat down to watch a little Thomas, and one minute later this is what happened:

He was so tuckered out from all the fun (and lack of a nap) that he couldn't keep his little eyes open. He did wake up around 11, shoot out of bed and run out to the living room looking for his 'party' which he thought was still going on. Sadly, everyone had left and was in bed! So he had to settle for going back to sleep to dream of all the fond memories from his great party. Thanks everyone who helped ! And phew, glad that's over with!! :)



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