Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Relaxing Day, Finally

It seems this summer went from busy to crazy busy starting around the Fourth of July and just not letting up. We have had more combined doctor's visits in the past month and a half than I swear, the past three YEARS. Between me and Bobo it's been crazy health issue central... combine that with a bunch of summer activities, my class, parties, visits, birthdays, home improvements, trips and general mayhem... wow.

So it was really nice to finally have a day just to veg out and relax with NOTHING looming for the ENTIRE day. Well, I did have to finish up my final exam, but it was the end of my summer class so that was a happy thing! Now I have three weeks until the fall starts, and I'm just going to avoid thinking about how nuts our schedule is going to be then, since I'll be taking a full 4-course schedule with at least two courses I know will be *really* brutal.

Anyway though, today was nice (aside from a 5am start with an upset tummy and an unfortunately active Bobo trying to jump on it) we had an early nap at 8:30 and then awoke refreshed for a very pleasantly hot day. I managed to finish up my final pretty quickly while Bobo played with his new cars, trucks and trains, which he loves. We spent a few hours outside floating around the pool with Momo and enjoying the warm sun. Then after a late lunch Bobo got to go out with Momo for ice cream while I got to *lay down and relax*. It was amazing! Tonight we just sat around, played and read books. Might not sound very exciting, but for me it was a pretty great day, and well needed after so much stress and not feeling good lately. :)

I hope this week will be similarly low-key. I have some home projects I want to tackle and a lot of Oracle stuff to redo and fix before the fall semester starts. Hopefully there will be no more dentist/doctor visits, but it looks like there might be! The following week my Mom and Carl rented a beach house up at Hampton so we'll probably go up during a few days that week, especially Saturday as it's her birthday! We might even stay over one night if I'm feeling brave and Bobo looks super exhausted. I might even try to get up more pictures and blog posts this week, I have so many I've been meaning to, as always. :)



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